sabato 3 agosto 2013

All Download Links Updated! - Hooverphonic Bootlegs

Repost For Dead Links

Hi guys, 

my 4Shared account has been terminated, so here are the new download links. I'm going to upload more songs in a few days. If I have forgotten something, please leave a comment and let me know :-) 

Rare performances:

2Wicky (acoustic live 1999) 

Anger Never Dies (acoustic live) 

Bigger Than Us (White Lies cover) 

Mad About You (acoustic live) 

Mad About You (live full orchestra 2002) 

Mad About You (exotic acoustic guitar live) 

One (live 2002) 

Full concerts and live sets:

Live @ Ancienne Belgique 2005

Live @ Auditorium Abel Dubois 2007

Live @ Be. Music Box Studio Brussel 2011

Live @ Benicàssim Festival 2000

Live @ Brussel Vlaams 2007 

Live @ Dour Festival 1999

Live @ House Of Blues 2000 

Live @ Marconi Studio 2005

Live @ Radio 2 Milano In Concert 2001 

Live @ TMF 2000 

Live Acoustic Session 1999 

Live @ MCMP Café 2002 

Acoustic live LSD Golf Club 2008  

6 commenti:

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for running this site. I did notice however, that there are a few other shows that you used to have that haven't been given new links. Specifically the Luzerna, Prague show. Regardless, thanks again! I can't believe it's taken me so long to find this website.

    1. Hi, thank you so very much for the appreciation. You're right, I've missed some of the shows, but I'll post the new links as soon as I can, including the Luzerna live

    2. Thank YOU! Trust me, I really appreciate it, as I'd gotten into them long after Geike had left. That and I don't see an American tour anywhere in the near future (especially not to the middle of nowhere Ohio), so these are as close as I'll likely get to hearing them live. Also, FYI, the Acoustic Live LSD set only includes 5 songs: track numbers 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8.

    3. I only got to see them live in 2008 before Geike left, so I was very glad to find this material. Most of it was kindly uploaded by Hooverphonic fans on the old official forum, which was sadly swept away in 2010, and I thought it would be such a shame to lose these files, so here we are :-)
      I'm about to upload the Luzerna live and some other live rarities.
      Oh, about the LSD live set, I must have gotten the numbers wrong, because I only have five songs from it (it was an acoustic showcase)

  2. I've accidentally found this website and I also wanna say thank you! I used to collect everything Hooverphonic I found, but I stopped a few years ago, when Geike left. Still I've sometimes listened to the newer stuff and now maybe I'm going back to them. I think I might take a look to see if I have anything live which is not here and is worth sharing. Cheers

    1. Hi, that would be lovely, thank you so very much :)