martedì 19 luglio 2011

Hooverphonic Live @ Ancienne Belgique 2005

Audio rip of the "Ancienne Belgique" concert recorded in 2005 and released as a DVD in the 2 disc edition of Hooverphonic's anthology "The Singles '96 - '06".

Vocals: Geike Arnaert
Bass and Programming: Alex Callier
Guitars: Raymond Geerts

  1. You Love Me to Death / Sarangi
    2. We All Float
    3. Music Box
    4. No More Sweet Music
    5. Wake Up
6. Eden
    7. 2 Wicky
    8. My Child
    9. Jackie Cane
    10. The World Is Mine
    11. Dirty Lenses
    12. Vinegar & Salt
    13. Mad About You / Glory Box
    14. You Hurt Me
    15. Magenta
    16. Tomorrow
    17. Battersea
    18. The Last Thing I Need Is You
    19. Sometimes
    20. Ginger

Download link (updated):
Live at Ancienne Belgique 2005

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  1. Thank you so very much>

  2. You're welcome! Love this concert!

  3. Hello do you have a High Quality of the album artwork for the singles 96-06?

  4. Hi, I'm so sorry it took me so long to answer, for some reason the site wouldn't let me reply to your comment.
    The best I could find is this:
    Hope it helps! Greetings from Italy